When ordering, please remember to be as specific as possible especially with decos. I will only change your order once and any modifications after that will may be done but are rare, so please know what you want.

✿ Facebook timeline banner: $.50 each.
✿ Preppy signs (note: please provide the sitemodel, your sitename and color scheme.) $.50 each.
✿ Border psds: $.75 each, $4 for 5. You'll get >> a new credit base and a mix of thick and thin borders!
> ✿ Deco psds: $0.75 each - no more than 3 at a time.
✿ Index headers (ie; coming soon): $1.00 each.
✿ Coloring Psds: $0.25 each.
✿ Content package #1: 5 borders, 2 preppy signs, 1 cover photo, 3 index headers and 4 coloring psds: $3.50. You can only order one package deal at a time!
✿ Mystery box deal: $2.50
✿ Content pacakage deal #2: 2 borders, 5 coloring psds and 3 deco psds - $1.00

✿ 5% off your first order!! excludes mystery box #1, content package #1 and content package #2 ♥

✿ You cannot re-sell anything I make for you unless you are quitting for good. If that is the case, message me privately and we can discuss options.
✿ Do not rush me with orders, you will get them once i'm finished.
All payments are to be sent as family/friends and in $AUD. (there will be a fee as you are sending overseas).
✿ If you'd like something to be changed, I will only be doing this once. If you want everything changed, I will be charging you an extra fee. This will be explained to you before your order is recieved.
message me on facebook to place your order, if you don't have an account please comment the cbox with a link to your email and we can do it via email.